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Elon R. Musk

Copyrights photos: visit Planetarium Mannheim + Christian Gaier / visit Stadt & Planetarium Stuttgart + Martin Lorenz / Video Dokus Rene Vidovic / Pressebüro Globe / SpaceX

Space Travel Pioneer
How Science & Fiction
guide his Visions and business plans
Psychohistorical Multimedia Lecture in the Planetarium of Mannheim

including the early influence by the works of Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein,

Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury and Carl Sagan

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The lecturer Stephan Moegle-Stadel, studies in psychology & history, educator and Co-chair of the small
World Citizen Foundation, explains the early influences of Science & Fiction of the genius inventeur
and entrepreneur Elon Reeves Musk
The planetarium in its pyramidal mastaba shape
at night (photo)
Mögle-Stadel in front of Planetarium Mannheim (photo)
where the lecture took place

Above: Lecture given by S. Mögle-Stdel at Club of Rome

workshop in 2022 with Prof. von Weizsäcker

Two essays by S. Mögle-Stadel about "A Flight with
Elon Musk" (left) and "Science Fiction as a search for
Futurology" (above)
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Above: The Lecturer S. Mögle-Stadel with a 3-D-
Chessboard at a workshop topping glasses.
Link to English short Biography

Stephan working as high school teacher and inventor of the school project "Globalization and World Citizenship"

responsiblities. Link to school project

Above: Josh Dahn, Executive Director Ad Astra School
in interview (link)

Ad Astra (Nova) School in California is a privat school
for the children of the co-workers of Tesla and SpaceX
with a mulitdisciplinary & cosmopolitical curriculum

Above: A magazine interview with S. Mögle-Stadel
about how to become a world citizen (Link)

On the right: Video interview (30 minutes) about
the KZ Dachau and the history of the
World citizen movement

On Elon Musk & the Future of SpaceX
Her talk at 33rd Space Symposium
The Standford Business School Interview

Former SpaceX Vice President
Hans Koenigsmann on Musk

Stephan with his academic mentor Prof. Dr. Dr. Ossip
at a panel in Berlin. They published a
study in Futurology (book) together about "How is
the Future savabel?"
(Link to the book)

Isaac Asimov Video - How to Save Earth for Human Civilization

Stephan took part at the above lecture of Isaac Asimov
about "Saving the Future" 1989 in New York City
during his work at United Nations

Link english lecture "Globalization
and Futurology
" at the
Willhelms-University Muenster (Germany)

Link to newspapers about Stephen's lecture tours
in Asia (India, Japan, China) in young age

Link Presentation at WFM Council about the
educational work with young environmentalists

Link to astronaut Buzz Aldrin (Apollon) essay
"Mars to stay. One way ticket for cosmopolites"

Spaceship Earth floats in the dome hall of the 
Stuttgart Planetarium. A good place & space to
watch a lecture about SpaceX, SF and Elon Musk.

"The Humanist"-Essay about Astronomy, Observatories
and Space Flight as the beginning of an expansion of
human consciouness. Title: "100 Years of Planetariums".
Link to the Essay, June 2023


The Mars Project should help us to understand
  that we are one humanity. (At least some of us.)
Link: behind every idea are human beings

Link to: in front of the Space Shuttle Buran
in the Technic Museum Speyer (Space Hall)
Largest Space exhibition in Europe

The Space Hall of Speyer would be a nice place
for a TV talk on the coach with Elon Musk

Link to: in front of the test version of the
lunar module
Eagle (Adler) 

Stephen (right) co-organizing a prize for Gorbachev
(left) 1997 in Frankfurt. Link newspaper article

SMS presented to Federal President Richard
von Weizsäcker his Boutros-Ghali book

ESA and NASA preparing on ISS for future
Mars Flight

Above: Stephan at a panel with Prof. Jorgen Randers
(center) and Prof. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsaeker (right)
2022. Stephan Mögle-Stadel is working for the CoR-
Presidency since 1989 (aera of Dr. Alexander King).

For more information click here or at photo

On the left: Willy Brandt, former Chancellor of Germany
heading from 1989 until 1991 the Stockholm Initiative
on Global Governance

Above: scene of the movie "2010 Space Odyssey II"

Click on the photo to view the four photos of the scene

on the right: video of a dialogue of Club

of Rome members moderated by Stephan

left: video clip 90 seconds falling tower
of glasses at a public lecture of Stephan
symbolizing the fragility (tipping points)

of ecological and social systems