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World Citizen Foundation
Foundation des Citoyens du Monde
Foundacion Ciudadanos del Mondo
  The World Citizen Foundation is a nonprofit nonpartisan think-tank dedicated to the design of solutions to international problems based on the fundamental principles of equal human dignity, liberty, democracy and constitutionally protected basic rights of all.
The World Citizen Foundation is a private foundation. It was incorporated in Vermont, USA (February 1996) and started its activities in 1998.
Die Weltbürger-Stiftung ist eine gemeinnützige, parteiunabhängige Einrichtung, die sich der Lösung von internationalen Problemen widmet.
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WCF Chair board:

- Troy Davis, Chair and CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

President, Association de soutien à l'Ecole de la démocratie, (
Secretary General, For European Democracy, (
Author of "Appel d' une Démocratie Mondiale"
Author of "A favor de una Democracia Mundial"
Former Member of the Federal Board, Union of European Federalists, Brussels
Member of the Board, Institute for European Environmental Counselling, Strasbourg
former Member of Steering Committee, Millennium NGO Forum, New York
  - Sunita Gandhi, Vice-Chair

President of the Council for Global Education, Washington, D.C.
Founder of the Icelandic International School, Reykjavik
Founder of the Global Concepts International School, Prague
Member of the International Advisory Board, Teachers Without Borders, USA
Member of the Advisory Board of Child Research Net, Tokyo
formerly at the World Bank

Watch Sunita Gandhis speech about Global Education at YouTube
a press article about her activities at the beginning of her career
  - Stephan Mögle-Stadel, Vice-Chair

Author of "Dag Hammarskjöld, Visionary for the Future of Humanity"
Author of "The Indivisibility of Earth, A Responce to the Club of Rome"
Editor of Boutros Boutros Ghali's book "UNorganized World"
Editor of Kofi Annan's book "UNfinished Way"
Educator, studies in Psychology and History
Founder and President, WFM-Germany
Founder and President, Dag Hammarskjöld Institut for Global Governance & Human Guidance
in cooperation with the swedish government and Swiss Alpenparliament (TV-speech) about "Global Governance and Human Guidance" in the years ahead. Stephan Mögle-Stadel
  - Jose Manuel Aguilar de Ben

Author of „Citizenship and global democratic governance
President of the North-South Institute, Madrid
Member of the Board of the UN Association of Spain, Barcelona
Former Chief of Division, Directorate General for Development, European Commission, Brussels
  - Joyce Mitchell

Vice-President, International Relations, Guinea Development Corporation, USA/Guinea
Committee Member of the UN Global Compact, USA
former Program Planner in Iran and Afghanistan for the UN
now working as lawyer and mediator
  - Frank Bourne

Member of the Board, American Veterans Committee, USA
formerly at US State Department, USA
  - Michael Ford Deegan

Founder & Managing Director, Ambos Group Managing Partner, North America, Paladin Associates

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de Ben about "Citizenship, Globalization and World-democracy" -->

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& talk with office manager Andy Ohlson (3 minutes)

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Center. Eleanor encouraged Garry in 1948 to act...

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