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7 min Garry Davis Documentary film-trailer with historical TV news quotations about the world citizens occupation of the UN General Assembly in Paris 1948

Garry on the front of a german news magazine

Interview with Stephan Mögle-Stadel about his way to World Citizenship Open your heart, open your mind! Choose Earth and Humankind! Dr. Lutz Oyda asks 2010 Stephan Mögle-Stadel about World Government, World Law, Human Rights and his personal way to World Citizenship.

Planetary Citizens - Interview with Lucy Law-
Webster in New York City

LLW was former Deputy Head of the UNO Disarmament
Department in the era of UN Secretary General Boutros
Ghali in the early 1990s
World Citizen Foundation NYC Office

Short visit at the office and a brief talk with Officer
Andy Ohlson in front of the UNO Building

International Peace Award Speech As winner of the international Peace Award, Garry Davis is giving a speech overviewing the histo...

Walter Cronkite receives
"Global Governance Award"
for offering Human Guidance and being critical with the US-Government policy in his articles, essays and books. Please view the biography of the publicist Walter Cronkite here

World Citizenship - An Introduction, with Garry Davis and Robin Lloyd of the World Service Authority in Regional-Studio Burlingtom:

Garry Davis discusses historic 9th amendment, part one How came the United States of America into function? Can we learn something out of it for the Reform of the old UN into the United Nations of Earth in the nearby future?

Global Governance - What is this?