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A guide for World Citizens

Garry Davis (with Greg Guma)
ISBN 0-9706483-3-2

Passport to Freedom draws on Davis's four decades of experience, offering timely & practical insights & advice for anyone who agrees that the nation-state system itself is one of the greatest threats to humanity today. Davis argues persuasively that individual sovereignty is the key to challenging the arbitrary war power of nations, & proposes a revolutionary strategy for the growth of a democratic World Government of World Citizens for world peace.
Passport to Freedom reveals dramatically & often with humor how World Citizenship can be a powerful moral and political tool that reveals the living reality of One World. But it is more; it is a source book of theory & practice that can reempower the individual as well as humanity.
Through numerous examples, both from his own action & that of others, Davis demonstrates that World Citizenship based on human rights is not merely a noble theory. It works. Thousands of people have used the World Passport described in this book to enter & leave more & more countries & successfully challenge national bureaucrats around the world. For many refugees, World Citizenship often means the difference between freedom & death.
As an inspiring story & practical guide to all seeking a positive solution to war, this ground-breaking book in our troubled times will provide readers with their own "passport to freedom."